You may have several photos and want to add multiple pictures to Instagram story. Our users always face this problem and ask us how to solve it, so stay with us and we will teach you about this in TOOLSAD.

Maybe you went on a trip and took different photos and want to post them. One of the best ways you can take advantage of it is to include multiple photos in a post or story to attract better audiences and make your page look more attractive.

This method is definitely one of the best methods that we introduce to you in TOOLSAD. You can easily create attractive posts and enjoy it.

TOOLSAD is a website that deals with social media and you can learn a lot from it, so be sure to visit this page.

How to Add Multiple Pictures on One Instagram Story on iPhone?

Instagram Story on iPhone

In order to make a multiple photo and post it on Instagram, you need to go to the camera-like section and enter your story page there. 

Be careful to download the latest version of Instagram to be able to use this option. First, go to the stickers section of your Instagram and select the photo-like icon there. 

Choose a photo from your gallery and save it and post it. Select the number of photos you want, then you can edit the photos, add story stickers or other edits to them.

And finally, your story is ready and you can save or delete it and have an attractive story.

How to Add Multiple Pictures to Instagram Story on Android?

Instagram Story on Android

In the past, this feature of Instagram was not intended for Android users, but after some time, this option also works for Android users. This means that the sticker section is also available for Android users and they can use this section to create multiple photos for their stories.

In the first step, enter your Instagram app like the first iPhone and click on the story. Then choose the photos you want, you can use stickers and different Instagram options after adding the photos you want at this stage.

After this part, you can select Add to Story option and your story will be uploaded.

How to add more than one story to our Instagram?

add more than one story

In this section, you can add multiple stories to your Instagram. For this, you need to enter your story section and click the left and bottom sections. 

In this section, you can add the photos you want to the story, edit them and make them into multiples. Note that Instagram gives you the ability to add more than 10 photos at the same time and you can see them in the stories. In fact, navigating these stories will help a lot to visit your page.

You can go to the optimization section of My Story and add a song or a special Instagram trend in that section, this will help a lot to increase your page statistics.

How to add multiple photos in a story by making a collage?


As mentioned in TOOLSAD, one of the attractive options of Instagram is the use of collages. You can add attractive collages by using different programs or directly from Instagram to place several photos in one story.

You can make a good collage using different programs. The first thing you need to do is go to Instagram and select the collage option there, and you can select several photos and place them in your story.

Or you can use different programs to create the collage you want. For this, you can enter the program or the Canva website, and choose the collage you want there.

In TOOLSAD, we have explained to you in detail how to make a collage in other articles. You can make a good collage by referring to this section and learn its different steps.

In fact, collage is one of the ways to add multiple photos on Instagram. This option is one of the attractive and special options that users like, so don’t neglect it. 

How important can it be to add multiple photos on Instagram?

Instagram is an interactive program, usually people who are more creative on Instagram and spend a lot of time usefully on designing stories and posts are more successful.

In fact, instead of posting several posts in a row, you can post several related stories together, you can increase the appeal of your work by creating an attractive banner or an attractive multiple story.

So you can use different designs using different programs and make interesting photos, stories and posts how to add multiple pictures to Instagram story is in TOOLSAD. 


In this article, we tried to teach you how to add multiple pictures to Instagram story. In fact, these options will help you a lot in raising your page. So, you can learn these things well and use them by visiting TOOLSAD website.

These collages and multiple photos will definitely get a lot of attention. You can follow the trends of the day on Instagram and learn the skills to get more views on your page. 

Have you ever made a special collage or how you put multiple photos in one story? If you have any special and innovative methods and recommendations, please share them with us.

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