You may post an interesting story and want to change the background story on Instagram. In your opinion, how can you change the background story on Instagram? So, Lets go to understand.

You may have a personal or work account on Instagram and you would like to post a story. In order for you to be considered an active user and for Instagram to consider you an active user, you must be able to post stories daily. 

Posting interesting stories will encourage your audience to follow your page. You can be creative and get help from different programs. At TOOLSAD we teach you how to make a story more interesting.

In fact, you can use Instagram itself to edit your stories. Instagram has different edits and different options for editing posts. 

What is the impact of having a compelling story and why is it important?

Instagram story

Instagram is an interactive program where people interact with each other through content production. The story feature on Instagram was created from 2016 onwards, since then people’s visits to various pages and contents have increased by 400%.

In fact, people’s visits to the pages increased significantly, and with a story, people’s content can be well categorized and used. People can categorize their content through related stories and display them.

Stories increase interactions by having tools such as asking questions and different boxes. Instagram has greatly increased its interactions with the audience. 

So, if you have an attractive story on Instagram, you can attract many users to your page. In this section, we want to teach you how to Change Background Color On Instagram Story in TOOLSAD.

How To Change An Instagram Story Background To Solid A Color?


There are different steps to change the background on Instagram. By following these steps, you can achieve your goal of changing the background color of the Instagram story.

1. Choose the desired photo for your story

Choose your desired photo. It is better to choose a photo that has high quality and uses attractive and inspiring colors. You can choose the photo you want in the moment and use it, which is very easy, just click on the circle.

2. Choose the size of your photos

You can choose the size you want by zooming in or out, so don’t forget this point here. With this, you will have an ideal template. In TOOLSAD you will learn how to change background color.

3. Let’s start with tools like pen

At the top right of Instagram, there is a three-dot option, when you click on it, you can see different tools. With the help of these tools, which are among the different fonts for designing your story, you can choose the desired color or press the color option for your background.

4. Choose the color you want

When you tap on the pen, a wide range of different colors will be displayed to you. You can change your background by choosing any of these ranges.

In fact, Instagram has an option that shows you the range of colors that match the photo you’ve selected, which can be great for marketing ads and coordinating your photos.

5. Let’s change the color of  background

Now it is enough to change your background color, for this you have to choose your desired font and color and cover the image with the desired color as much as necessary.

The second way is to hold on your image for about two minutes and then tap on the pen and your color change will be selected and applied.

6. We apply the last steps

When you have applied your final color change using the buttons, it’s time for the final work. You can put your gif or box or use different emojis to differentiate your story. In fact, you can make different changes at this stage.

Finally, after you are sure of your color change, you can keep it in your draft or save it. And finally, I can tell you that you were able to change your background color with these development tips.  finally, I can tell you that you were able to change your background color with these development tips.


In this article, we tried to teach you how to change background color in TOOLSAD. In fact, by changing your background stories, you can create special and creative stories with very attractive themes. 

Instagram stories play a very important and extensive role in the visibility of your work and personal pages. If you decide to have a page, this article will be very useful for you.

If you know different ways to change the background story on Instagram, share with us. 

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