Instagram is an extremely powerful platform in the field of content creation. Definitely, when you have installed Instagram, you have come across its various options and settings. What do you think is the most important thing on a page at first glance?

We think that one of the most important things is to have a very good profile picture that can attract the audience to your page at the first glance. In this article, we are going to teach you How To Change Profile Picture On Instagram.

So stay with us step by step in TOOLSAD that we can teach you the steps to change your profile. You will definitely get answers to many of your questions in TOOLSAD.

In fact, having a good profile gives you a special personality and inspiration and shows what kind of person you are. In order to be active on platforms like Instagram for business or a specific page, you must design a good profile that attracts the audience at first sight.

Steps to change profile picture

Steps to change profile picture

In order to be able to change your profile easily, you need to go through some steps, so follow these steps well to be able to change your profile picture. Here we are going to check Android and iOS separately.

Change profile picture in iOS

Change profile picture in iOS

You can change your profile in iOS from Instagram settings as below. The steps are as follows:

  1.  Open your Instagram app and click on your profile on the right to enter your home page settings
  2. Click on the edit profile section
  3. Now that you have entered your settings, you will see your profile section. If you have already posted a photo, delete the photo. If you do not have a photo, you can choose a new photo. You can choose the photo from your gallery or Facebook.
  4. When you want to choose a profile picture, you have several options, one of them is to choose from the library section, one of them is take a new Photo, and the other one you can choose from the gallery.
  5. You can then zoom in to adjust or edit the photo.
  6. After you have done the settings of your photo, click on the Don section to upload your photo there.
  7. Well, your work is done and you have changed your profile picture.

How to change your photo on Android?

How to change your photo on Android?

Well, here we want to teach you step by step how to change the profile picture on Android phones:

  1. Well, like iOS phones, first you have to enter your page from the right side and then select the edit profile option.
  2. After selecting the edit profile section, select Choose Photo and there you will see three options from which you can choose one.
  3. You can take a photo instantly or select a photo from your gallery. After selecting a photo, click the arrow on the top right to upload your photo.
  4. Now you can edit your photo with Instagram edits or crop it and finally press the top right arrow again.

Finally, when you are done editing, press the arrow on the right and now your photo is completely changed.

How to change profile picture on computer?

How to change profile picture on computer

In general, I can tell you that changing the profile on the computer is very similar to changing the profile on Android and iOS phones, but there are a few minor differences that we will explain to you so that you don’t get confused.

In fact, TOOLSAD website will help you a lot in these areas and we will try to open the issues completely for you, so follow the steps below for PC.

  1. In the first step, in order to change the profile picture on the computer, you will see an icon in the upper corner, press on it.
  2. Select the profile section and click on edit profile
  3. Now click on the change profile section
  4. Currently, you have two options, one option is to take a photo, the second option is to take a photo at the moment.
  5. Now choose your desired photo and click on the right side to see if your profile has changed or not

What should we pay attention to when choosing a good profile picture?

What should we pay attention to when choosing a good profile picture?

In my opinion, when you want to change your Instagram photo, you should pay attention to different points, for example, pay enough attention to the quality of your photo or that you have chosen a good background for your photo.

In fact, TOOLSAD teaches you things and introduces items that you can use to have a good profile picture on Instagram, so don’t neglect TOOLSAD, which will help you a lot.

You can get help from various platforms and applications to get inspiration for your profile photo and good photos, for example Google’s Pinterest , TOOLSAD can help you a lot in this regard.

Even you can upload your desired photo from Facebook or Twitter or go to different social media sites like these. If you want to take a photo at the moment, you can do this and immediately.

In fact, the choice of each of these methods depends on you, which method you are more comfortable with, but in general it is very convenient.


In this article, we tried to discuss the topic of How To Change Profile Picture On Instagram during the recording and this topic will help you. It has provided you with different options, even you can compare different methods and learn different steps easily.

If you encounter problems while changing your profile or if you have problems at all, Tools will help you. You can share your opinions with us so that we can provide you with the right solution.

So, use different methods. If you encounter a problem somewhere, I will help you to solve your problem. In this article, the importance of Instagram profile photos in businesses was also discussed.

In your opinion, how important can a profile picture be in the visibility of a page? Please share your opinion with us to achieve a good result.

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