What do you think makes your posts stand out and interesting? My answer to this question is to make an interesting collage. So let’s learn together in this article how to make a collage.

You may want to leave an attractive and varied story and give a special and artistic look to your stories or posts. In general, you can use various tools that lead to the creation of interesting stories and interesting posts.

There are many programs that will help you in this way.

Making a collage is one of these interesting ideas that you can use in your stories and posts, and Instagram has put a suitable edit for you to make a collage. 

You will learn in TOOLSAD how to make a collage. In fact, making this type of stories and posts leads to an interesting visit, so you can not increase your page followers with these creations.

How to make a good collage? (steps)

make a good collage

In this section, we want to teach you the different stages of making a collage, so follow the steps regularly to achieve your desired result.

1.The first step is to install Layout

Considering that you have an Android or iOS system, download the Layout program in various applications such as Google Play. 

After you install the app, give this app access to all your photos. After you activate this app and access your photos and gallery, you can try different photos with different layouts, you can actually take one photo at a time and add to it.

2. Select the photos you want in Layout

To make an attractive collage, try to use relevant and beautiful photos. At this stage, you should first try your own photos in Liayout and select them. 

In this program, you can choose up to 9 photos and place them. Note that there are different layouts for your photos, which you can choose using the options of this program and choose the best one.

Try to use coordinated and matching designs. Using the same color tone in the photos will help you a lot in making your collage more attractive. 

It is better to use photos that have good quality or these photos have the right harmony and harmony so that you can have an attractive collage.

3. Now you can save your Layout and use it

Now that you have completed your design and your collage is complete, you can take your collage from the cloud and use it in your story or post.

Another way to make a collage is to use the Vista Social app. In fact, with this application, you can create collages with different designs and link to canva. The steps of making a Layout are as follows. 

1.The first step is to enter the Vista Social site and click on the New Post option.

2.In the next mode, you will see an icon in the shape of a camera, click on it and then you can click on Open in canva.

3. Then, in the category and category section, you can choose the Instagram post or story and enter the next step, which is design.

4. In this section, you can choose and upload the photos you want to use in make a collage.

5. Click on the app option here and you can also edit your post in terms of content in the Discover section.

6. Now, your post is ready. You can also pay attention to the top of the page in this section. edit your post. add the necessary hashtags and captions.

Is it possible to create Collage using only Instagram app?

create Collage on instagram

Creating a collage in the Instagram program is very simple. You first enter your story, click on the Layout option and select your photos, and your collage will be created. You can also use this method to make a collage in the post section. 

 We will give you great offers In TOOLSAD, that you can take advantage of them. TOOLSAD will help you find your answers. If you have a problem with social networks, this site will help you in particular.

Why can’t users use the Instagram collage option?

amazing collage

Maybe you want to make a post in the form of a collage using the Instagram app and you don’t succeed. In this situation that we can be several reasons. One of these reasons is that you have not updated your Instagram.

There can be many reasons. If you do not succeed in creating a good collage with Instagram, you can create your own post or story using the apps that we have introduced to you in TOOLSAD.

Maybe you have updated your Instagram, so try a little to make your own collage or may be problems that you are not aware of or that are difficult for you to diagnose, so you can take advantage of the tools available.


To what extent the use of collage can be effective in making a good story or post?

In TOOLSAD, We tried to teach you the fastest and best ways to make a good collage. Making a good collage gives a special charm to your posts, it shows your special creativity and this attracts the audience to your page.

Today, most of the concern of people is how they can raise their Instagram page and earn good money. Instagram has definitely created good career opportunities for people in terms of earning money.

You can make your post or story many times more beautiful and attractive by using these options creating a collage. 

Today, people also use very special themes that make their collages more attractive. You can use the new Instagram effects to edit these collages and make your work 100 times more attractive.

The only way to improve your Instagram is to be a creative person, creative in creating stories, creative in creating posts and following the tips that are specific to Instagram that we have expressed in TOOLSAD.

If you have had the experience of making collages, how much do you think it has added to the attractiveness of your page and how much your audience has increased? 

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