You would like to publish live photos of yourself, in this article we will teach you how to post a live photo on Instagram. In fact, here we are trying to teach you these things in TOOLSDL.

You may be the owner of an iPhone or Android phone. You can use iPhone phones to share live photos and post them to have a more attractive page and create better content for yourself. In fact, by doing this, posting live on Instagram, you will increase your page to a great extent.

In fact, TOOLSAD allows you to get enough information about it. If you haven’t fiddled with your phone’s settings, I should say that iPhone cameras are set to live mode by default, so there are things you can do to find out if your camera is in live mode or not.

For this, if you see a concentric circle on the right side of your camera with a line passing through it, it means your camera is not in live mode.

how to post a live photo on Instagram?

post a live photo on Instagram

To take a live photo in Live, you must follow the steps below. This issue may be a very important issue for our users and other users also want to know about this issue. This issue is mainly used for iPhone users.

  1. In the first step, select the photo you want on your phone
  2. Enter editor section
  3. Find the concentric circle icon at the bottom
  4. Find your favorite frame
  5. In this section, select the photo key and you will reach your goal

We describe how to post a live photo on Instagram one by one


In this section, we want to explain each step one by one, so stay with us.

first stage

Open your Instagram and enter the story section. When you enter the story, there are different icons to make your video or story more attractive. In this case, select the infinity icon and create a boomerang mode.

second stage

When you enter Boomerang, select your live photo. The live photo you selected will actually be entered into Boomerang. In this case, a statement will appear saying “Enter your live photo into Boomerang.”

In this case, press this phrase and enter your live photo into the boomerang and create a boomerang with your live photo

third level

Step You can choose the type of boomerang you want. In fact, Instagram has different options for your boomerangs. There are four types of boomerangs on Instagram for you to choose from.

fourth stage

Before you share your boomerang, different options will appear for you, for example, you can put the poll vote link and these items in your boomerang and good luck with this method.

Giving these types of memes on your page can give your videos a special appeal. Also, before that you can save your boomerang, share it and there are many options and you can test any of them and make an attractive boomerang.

What types of posts can be published using this method?

You can publish various posts with this method but I must tell you that when you publish your boomerang it is not possible to edit it so make sure before publishing it. 

In order for your post to have the highest efficiency, you must be careful to click on your post at the right time, for example, you must check Instagram and publish the posts when they give the best results.

Increase visits on Instagram

Increase visits on Instagram

In fact, you can consider different methods to increase Instagram visits. If you are proficient in the Instagram algorithm, your page will get special visits and in this way you will have good sales or profit.

In fact, posting a live photo on Instagram can significantly increase your page statistics because it shows that you are an active person on social networks and this way you can make good progress.

Learn how to make live posts on Instagram that will help you a lot in the future. On the TOOLSDL website, you can consider many things related to social networks, one of these things can be how to increase the statistics of your page.

TOOLSDL is a social networking website that will help you a lot with your site and you will find different tools to handle different sites. So stay with us in this field to learn how to perform better in the Instagram program and learn its different programs.


In TOOLSDL, we revealed the how to post a live photo on Instagram to you. As you know, Instagram is one of the broad programs in the field of social networks that have many fans in different parts of the world.

You will definitely become a successful person in the field of social media when you know Instagram completely and know how to raise a page perfectly and what tools can help you.

Tell us if you have ever posted a live photo on Instagram and what edits you used to make it.

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