Have you ever wanted to view Instagram stories without them knowing? This is a very important issue for our users who have questions, in this article we want to address this issue in detail.

Seeing someone else’s stories or someone you don’t want to know can be a challenging thing, especially when you have someone in mind. In general, there is currently no special option on Instagram to view someone’s stories anonymously, and it probably won’t be available in future versions either.

Anyway, this is a topic that Instagram has considered, but there are ways that you can anonymously find out someone’s stories. In this article, we want to introduce these methods to you in TOOLSDL, so stay tuned.

What is TOOLSDL?

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When you enter this website you can find different tools. TOOLSDL helps users a lot to find the right solutions for their problems and also provides them with tools. The social networks covered in this website are as follows:

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how to view instagram stories without them knowing?


Here are some very practical solutions that you can use to do this.

1. Creating a new account on Instagram

Creating a new account is one of the very simple solutions to view someone’s stories anonymously. You can use this when you want to remain anonymous. In fact, by creating a new account, you will benefit from other advantages of Instagram. You can follow all of the person’s items by creating this account or use this account for activities that you do not want your identity to be revealed.

It is better to use VPN or mobile internet when you want to create an account so that you can get a better result. However, this is one of the easiest ways that anyone can use to follow someone’s stories.

2. Enter airplane mode

The second solution that we have considered for you is a very simple solution that does not even require the use of an account or a third party. In fact, this is one of the best solutions  to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing in TOOLSDL. Follow the steps below for this method.

  • First, log in to your account and find the account whose story you want to view
  • When the person’s story appears for you and it is clear that the person has left a story, enter the settings of your phone
  • Finally, go to the settings and hit the airplane mode, then go back to the Instagram account
  • Now you can click on the person’s story and see the person’s story anonymously

3. Using adjacent view stories

This solution is also a very easy solution, it just needs a little precision that you have to implement. For this case, when you follow a person, you can open the story adjacent to the story of the person you want to see.

Then when you want to see the next story which is the story you want, you can keep it half-clicked to know the general content of that story and don’t click it completely.

This is a very easy method, but you need to be careful and be able to see the stories easily without your name appearing in the list of people who have visited that story.

4. Use of online programs and peripheral tools

There are various tools and programs for you to follow a person without them knowing. Along the way, we will introduce you programs that you can use to trace a page. These programs act as a third party and will help you a lot. These applications will help you a lot to understand the stories. Some of these programs are as follows:

  • IgAgony
  • StoriesIG
  • Insta Stories Viewer
  • StorySaver.net
  • InstaNavigation

Note that the applications that we introduced above or the websites that we introduced to you above can only respond on public pages. These tools don’t work much on private pages, so they can be used more on normal pages.

How To View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing? (reasons)


Different people have different reasons for viewing a story anonymously, and at Distribution we want to talk about each of them in detail. The first reason may be that you want to follow someone who is one of your competitors to understand their strategies, but you don’t want them to know.

The second reason could be that you want to follow someone you knew in the past. All of these reasons may be completely personal, but you should consider all of them thoroughly.


In this article that we posted in TOOLSDL, we recounted How To View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing and replaced the topic. You may be in a situation where you want to check someone’s stories or see a page without the owner of that page noticing your visit, we have suggested solutions that you can use.

In fact, in these cases, it will help you a lot to learn many things about Instagram. In fact, these questions are the questions of users that have been asked many times.

In fact, these things will help you a lot. Have you ever wanted to secretly follow a person’s story or a person’s page? Share with us what you did.

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