Have you ever wanted to download something from Instagram like a post or a story? In this article we are going to talk about Instagram downloader chrome.

If you want to download a photo or video on Instagram, which can be in the form of reels Story post or other cases, in this case, you may not be able to download it through the Instagram application.

Therefore, for these cases, we use different tools. By using these different tools, we can download photos, videos, and other things that we need on Instagram.

Therefore, by downloading these tools, you can download photos and various videos from Instagram. In TOOLSDL we have collected these tools for you so that you can reach your goal.

In fact, TOOLSDL is a website that works in the field of social networks such as Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, and other social media, and provides you with information in every field.

 What is Instagram downloader?

Instagram downloader

In general, Instagram downloaders are a series of applications and websites that you can use. Using these, you can save or download videos, photos, and other items on Instagram and save it on your device.

In fact, Instagram downloaders give you many features and you can use the photos and videos you like or use them to improve your business.

What websites do we consider downloading on TOOLSDL?


FastDl is an online website where you can easily download Instagram photos, videos, and more. This website is very easy to use and you can easily download anything you want on Instagram.

This website is very easy to use and you can easily download anything you want on Instagram. To work with this website, first copy the link of the photo or video you want, then enter the desired website and paste the link. Once the link is pasted, you can click on upload or download.

This website is a very good website to download your photos. In fact, downloading on this website is very simple and fast. It has high security.  It supports all dvices and is actually a very good website actually this website is used to downloade Reels, Story, Post and IGTV.

Another website for downloading photos and videos is Denote. This website is also a useful website for downloading said items. You can download various things with this website. The way to use this website is almost the same as the above website.

In addition to these websites, there are many apps that are used as Instagram tools. You can use these apps and download the things you like.

What applications can we use for Instagram downloader?


There are many tools and applications that are used to download Instagram photos and videos, and you can find good ones from each of them. In this section, we want to introduce you to the best ones.


Our best recommendation in this article is the Inflact application. Inflact application is a very good and popular application. You can download many photos and videos to your iPad, laptop, and your phone and have them all from Instagram.

The version of this application is free and you don’t have to pay for it. In our opinion, this application is the best program in TOOLSDL. 

2. Glassagram

If you are curious about the Instagram account, this program will help you a lot, in fact, it is a kind of Instagram account tracking that you can follow an account easily and find out its information. In fact, this is a very attractive program for different people and those who want to explore different accounts.

You can easily install this program and enjoy its special benefits. This application has various features. You can benefit from its special features by visiting the website of this program or we will clearly specify this issue for you.

3. iTubeGo

This application is exclusively for YouTube. Using this application, you can easily download YouTube videos and photos. This application allows you to easily download videos with subtitles with all the details.

Of course, since we said exclusively, it means that it is mostly used for YouTube, but you can easily download videos from Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and other websites easily. 

This application allows you to convert your videos and photos that you want to download into MP4 or other formats. Anyway, in my opinion, this is one of the best applications that we introduce to users at Instagram downloader post in TOOLSDL.

4. FastSave for Instagram

This program is one of the best programs that you can use for Instagram. In this program, you can save movies and videos on your phone or other devices. It is one of the best photo and video storage apps used by millions of users and one of the best that we can introduce to you.


As you have seen, we at TOOLSDL have tried to introduce Instagram downloaders to you either in the form of a website or as an application. In fact, Instagram downloaders will help you a lot. We tried to choose the best ones among many Instagram downloaders, and you can save a good content using these items.

In fact, in Chrome, you will find many programs and applications that will help you a lot in saving content. Instagram downloaders are one of them and it is very useful.

Today, many people are trying to provide very good applications, with these applications you can download and use many things.

Have you ever used Instagram downloaders, what features do you think they should have? If you have, share your Instagram downloader name with us. Your experiences can help a lot to other people as well as our website.

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