How to Create a YouTube Public Channel

In today’s digital age, and among many competitors and professionals, you must show a strong presence. Because being up-to-date and choosing the best online platform is very important for businesses. One of the most popular platforms for sharing video content is YouTube, and creating a public channel can help you find a larger audience and friends to show off your creations.

In this article, together with you, we will review the steps you should take in this direction. To succeed in the process of creating a public YouTube channel using TOOLSDL, a web-based downloader for various social media platforms.


Setting Up Your YouTube Account

How to Create a YouTube Public Channel
You can use YouTube to share your ideas

Let’s take the first step together to create a public YouTube channel. The first step for you is to create a user account. If you don’t have one, you can easily create it by visiting the Google account creation page.

After setting up your Google account, you have successfully completed the first step.

You can create a YouTube channel branded “TOOLSDL” to maintain brand consistency across platforms.


Customizing Your Channel

After launching your YouTube channel, the best and most effective way to attract a larger audience is to customize it. This way, you can be more visually appealing and informative.

First tip: Choose a channel name that reflects your content and is easy to express to your audience.

Second tip: Upload a logo that represents your brand. And make it so that it stays in your minds. Be very careful in choosing the logo.

Third tip: Write a convincing channel description so that the viewers know what to expect from your channel and how to operate on your channel.



Understanding YouTube Channel Settings

Getting to know YouTube channel settings is one of the most basic things you should know.

As you get deeper into managing your YouTube channel, learn about the different channel settings available. Prioritize these two basic things below.

Adjust privacy settings to control who can view your videos

Explore the advanced settings to further customize the channel according to your preferences.


Uploading Your First Video

How to Create a YouTube Public Channel
Creating video content on YouTube is very effective

The content of your YouTube channel is actually the heart of it. Therefore, you should make sure that your video content has the necessary quality and is compatible with the topic of your channel.

To make videos, pay attention to what to add that will engage the audience’s mind. Think about this well and implement it after finding ideas.

To improve the search capability and reach more addressees, be sure to implement the following:

Optimize your video titles, descriptions and tags with relevant keywords


Creating Channel Sections

Creating channel sections makes it easier for viewers to navigate your channel and discover more content. To achieve this, organize your videos into playlists.

It’s also good to give your visitors a sneak peek by adding a trailer to your channel.

Find out what your channel is about and why they should subscribe.


Promoting Your Channel

Building an audience for your YouTube channel requires active advertising. We have provided you with the necessary and useful tasks in the following list:

Share your videos on social media platforms

Collaborate with other YouTubers in your field to expand your reach.


Engaging with Your Audience

How to Create a YouTube Public Channel
It’s easy to create exciting content for your audience on YouTube

Engagement is one of the keys to building a loyal fan base on YouTube.

Start the following on your channel and take time for these events to get a good result:

Respond to comments on your videos.

Host live streams well

Create Q&A sessions to engage directly with your audience



Analyzing Your Channel Performance

Analysis of the performance of your channel can be done by this tool, “YouTube Analytics”. With this tool, you can obtain information such as the following:

Viewer demographics

Watch time

Interaction criteria

After receiving this data, create a content strategy for yourself and adjust your videos to better resonate with your audience.


Monetizing Your Channel

Earning money from the channel is possible when your channel is noticed.

In this case, you are eligible to join the YouTube Partner Program and can earn money from your videos through advertising revenue.

Tip: To earn more from your channel, explore other revenue streams such as sponsorships and merchandise.


Staying Consistent and Engaging

How to Create a YouTube Public Channel
You can easily find like-minded people on YouTube

In fact, maintaining consistency and staying attractive is the key to growing your YouTube channel.

First, prepare a detailed and regular schedule and inform your contacts. And you need to stick to it to keep your audience engaged. Align your content strategy with the evolving preferences of your audience.


Expanding Your Reach

To reach a wider audience, promote your YouTube channel on other social media platforms where your target audience is active. Collaboration with like-minded influencers can be helpful. Also, note that there are ways to grow organically. Explore them and use them for your channel.



Q: How do I choose the right channel name for my YouTube account?

A: When choosing the name of the channel, it is enough to focus on the content you publish and find the words related to it through your mind or other people. Watch examples of successful people and get ideas. Little by little, you will find out what name is right for your brand. You can use keywords related to your niche so that viewers can find your channel through search.



Q: What are the requirements to join the YouTube Partner Program and start earning ad revenue?

A: Answer: To join the YouTube Partner Program, your channel must have the following:

At least 1000 subscribers

4000 hours watched in the last 12 months

Follow YouTube’s monetization policies.


Q: How can I engage with my audience and encourage more interaction on my channel?

A: We have put the best things you can do on a complete list for you:

Respond to comments on your videos

Ask your viewers for feedback

Host live streams or Q&A sessions

Create polls or forum posts

Encourage audience engagement.




Did you get the answer to the question “How to Create a YouTube Public Channel? We’re all about helping you realize that creating a public YouTube channel with TOOLSDL can open up endless opportunities to showcase your creativity, connect with a global audience, and even make money doing what you love.

Let’s take the first step with us, step by step, in the ideas presented in the text of the article, and start your YouTube journey with confidence and enthusiasm!

Anna Leo

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